What a Year | Thanksgiving 2020

I have to admit, at the early stages of this pandemic, I was scared shitless. I thought for sure our industry was toast - my livelihood would be shot. It was time to look for a new job.

I mean, how could we possibly pivot from working on set with teams of 50+ to shooting commercials from home? It just didn’t make sense.

As reality set in, fear subsided. This wasn’t going to last forever. It was a detour for sure, but it wasn’t a dead end. In fact, maybe there was an opportunity to embrace this weirdness and build something to help navigate the times. Thinking of how this new reality might look like in practice, our team set out to build a tool that we’d wished we’d personally had when filming abroad; a centralized source where local experts could share regional insights in real time.

The goal was simple. Identify high-level data points to inform pressing questions, and encourage further dialogue with regional experts.

  • Covid-19 Data & Trends
  • Permit Availability
  • Currency Fluctuation
  • Demographic Data (could you cast locally to avoid travel)
  • Regional Production Guidelines
  • Availability of Tax Incentive
  • Remote Viewing Options & Availability

In July, we shipped our Beta and began initial user outreach. Since then, we’ve realized user growth amongst creative studios, service partners, film commissions, and agency production units. It’s been a ton of fun to view this project through the lens of these different groups, all of whom share a common goal of returning to work safely.

A big shout out to:

I’m super thankful for all the love and support myself and this project have received. I’m stoked to keep building, and to keep learning.

2020. Thanks for the opportunity to do this.