You can easily jump to your card by navigating from your account:

Account Page > Click Card Button > Select the Card for Your Project

Actual will keep track of all of the cards issued to you, so you can easily refer back to them should your production manager or department head have any questions.

Card Detail Page

Once you’ve navigated to your card detail page, you can reveal the payment card information (including card number, expiration, and CVC number).

From this page, you can also track expenses, by selecting the “Track Spend” button.

Built on principals of transparency, Actual provides detailed credit to users who submit insight and reporting to the platform. To view those details, simply click the (i) icon to the right of a data point to reveal the source of the information.

It’s as easy as one click!

How to embed the Actual dashboard within your squarespace site

We’ve updated our embed feature to make it easier to share production insights within your website. Here’s how:

Step 1: Click ‘Share this Page’
Step 2: Click ‘Embed Widget’
Step 3: Select / De-Select Data Widgets You’d Like to Include Within Your Site
Step 4: Customize the Size of Your Embed Widget (or choose responsive to match the native size of your site)
Step 5: Click ‘Copy to Clipboard’

With squarespace, you can embed the code to your page using the markdown code block.

I have to admit, at the early stages of this pandemic, I was scared shitless. I thought for sure our industry was toast - my livelihood would be shot. It was time to look for a new job.

I mean, how could we possibly pivot from working on set with teams of 50+ to shooting commercials from home? It just didn’t make sense.

As reality set in, fear subsided. This wasn’t going to last forever. It was a detour for sure, but it wasn’t a dead end. In fact, maybe there was an opportunity to embrace this weirdness and build…

As regions continue to open borders for business travel, one requirement on the top of many minds is the necessity to quarantine. We’ve seen the full range from no quarantine, to fourteen-day quarantine, to no quarantine with negative PCR test.

Here’s how to update that status within your dashboard.

Step 1: Click ‘Select an Update’
Step 2: Select ‘Quarantine Requirement’ from the dropdown menu
Step 3: Select the relevant status value, and add a note for further clarity.
Step 4: Click “Submit’

This work stream is consistent for all editable data values within a section.

Check out more at

So film permits are now available in your city and you want to celebrate this amazing information with the rest of the film community. Of course you do!

Here’s what to do!

Step 1: Select Your Country
Step 2: Select ‘Film Permits’
Step 3: Select ‘Submit an Update’
Step 4: Select an Updated Status (Available, Not Available)
Step 5: Click Submit!

* As a quality control measure, some updates go into a review log for screening and approval. Don’t worry, typically updates are published within an hour!

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Doug Smith

founder, Actual

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